Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Hot Outside: Rocky Road Ice Cream

Yes. It's been hot lately...

Flashback: A few days ago, temperatures peaked at 93 Fahrenheit/ 33 Celsius! Even though I like the fact that Summer's here and we can all go out with t-shirts and shorts, but sometimes the heat's just way too much to handle. 

So you get it. Ice Cream time! 

The first time I tried to make chocolate ice cream, I failed like a big bum. I tried to use chocolate milk, then I tried to use melted chocolate. Such a mess. The second time I nailed it using cocoa powder.  


On Marshmallows: I just watched Despicable Me 2 last Sunday, and I can still imagine Agnes screaming in my head, "It's FLUFFY!!" And the minions playing with a marshmallow gun, shooting at each other...

When I was grocery shopping for almonds, I actually found chocolate covered almonds. So good. It's true, you can't have too much chocolate.

And in it goes to my magic machine.

When I was 15 or 16, I would go to Katong Mall with my grandma after dinner for some dark chocolate ice cream Awfully Chocolate. I think I've accidentally re-created the flavor again. It really tasted like how I remembered it would.

Ok. Devour time.

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  1. Yeah!!!Summer time is Ice cream time!!!The Rocky Rode Ice cream looks so great-I just want to grab a big spoon and dig into it!
    ♪( ´∀`)人(´∀` )♪