Monday, July 22, 2013

Stock Culinary Goods: My Favorite Store on Hope St

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like you could stay in there for ages? Looking at every single item on every single shelf?

Well, that was what happened when I walked into Stock.

It's a pretty neat little store selling culinary products that gives you the urge to get them, to buy them.

To have and to hold...

I totally feel like a little girl in a candy shop.

It gives you a different experience than stores like William-Sonoma and Sur La Table. It has a strong local vibe, a very approachable employee (Emma!), and best of all, it is filled with products hand-picked by owner Jan.

Say hello to her. Check out the the store's Website and Facebook Page!

Their product selection is unbeatable. Stock carries products made by local artists and unique finds from all around the world, and they always have something new everyday!

That's not even the best part yet! This store is not only a store. Events are occasionally held from time to time, and everyone is invited. All you have to do is RSVP and turn up to enjoy mini culinary classes.

I think she's a genius!

I can't believe they've been opened for 8 months already, and I've never took notice until now. I guess it's because of the detours/construction on Hope street that's been going on. Hopefully more people will find out about this little gem!

None the less, I couldn't resist the temptation of buying a little something for myself.

From my first trip:

I walked around the store and found big beautiful real scallop shells for baking, and instantaneously I thought of a conversation that Sunny and I had about baking scallops in their shells. This would be perfect for any seafood stuffed and baked.

I can't wait.

And then I saw oyster shuckers! We've been looking for it ever since me and Sandy went to the Farmer's market to buy oysters last Winter!

I picked out this particular one because of the bent tip and handle grip.

From my second trip:

I saw a photo of an anchor cookie cutter on Stock's Facebook page and I literally said "ooooooo!" So I went and bought it, along with the gang (Sail boat, lighthouse, and RI state...) I didn't get the lobster cutter. I didn't know what I was thinking. I should have gotten it. Poor lobster, I'll come back for you next time.

And of course! This!

I've been eyeing this horse pedastool since my first visit, but I was pressed for time so I didn't bother to ask about it. It's just so beautifully designed. It's made by IMM-Living and guess what?! Other than the horse, they also have the rabbit, the duck, and the owl (NEW!)

P.S. Stock Culinary Goods, please order the owl cake stand! I really want an owl cake stand. :)

Attention BBQ fans: Stock sells mini sauce mops! :)

Bakeware goods are sprinkled all around the store...

If you're ever in need of anything cute, fancy, and functional kitchen gadgets, head on down to Hope street and shop your heart out! 

On top of that, if you're a baking/culinary student, just tell her when you're checking out. 
She'll give you a discount! :) *Yay!*


  1. Oooo! I should go there with a budget in mind, if not i'll buy everything in that store!

  2. I love this store !! I must visit this shop !