Monday, July 15, 2013

PVD POPS: All you need to beat the heat

Say hello to Val! The mastermind of these pops, available whenever it's warm and sunny outside in Providence, Rhode Island. :)  Check out her website and follow her on twitter to know where she's selling her pops at.

So few days ago, last Wednesday to be exact, Johnson & Wales University hosted an event called "Food Trucks In". It was a cloudy day but thank goodness it didn't rain.

But most importantly, PVD POPs was there!

This pudding pop genius is an alumni of Brown University. With the help of her friends on the pop cart and professionals from the RISBDC (Rhode Island Small Business Development Center), she got started on the business and claimed the Providence pop gal title.

Isn't her cart cute? White and Blue, so refreshing!

She's super sweet and awesome just like her pudding pops - which she explained was something more like a "Creamy Popsicle"!

We had a pleasant chat, and when I asked what was the craziest pop she had ever made, she told me Oatmeal & Raisin. Hmm... I thought for a while and wondered if that will taste like a cookie...

Another one that didn't make it out was Corn & Jalapeno. That's a bummer because I really like Sweet Corn Ice Cream minus the Jalapeno!!

In Singapore, sweet corn is a common ice cream flavor and is always my ultimate choice when I get my ice cream fix from the vendors along Orchard Road (Specifically pointing at the uncle in front of Takashimaya)

*Waving hand in the air* I need to make a suggestion! Val, please make some Avocado pops with chocolate syrup! Pretty Please :)

Me and Prisilla decided to get ourselves some Berries n' Cream Pop. This was Prisilla's first pop and the ice cream queen loved it! It's creamy on the outside and icy in the inside.

Alrighty, I'll be waiting for the green tea pop to make a come back and of course other new flavors!

Oh and by the way, you can flag her down if you see her pedaling through the city. Just call out her name and if she hears you, she'll sell you a pop! :)


  1. Photos are so good,Creamy Popsicle looks so special.In this hot summer,I really want have one!!!

  2. Thanks SAM!!! I've been practicing with my camera :)