Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cookies Disguised As Cupcakes

Aren't they cute?

They were my Social Media Presentation giveaways. Me and my team-mates gave a presentation regarding my personal brand and the strategies for application.

It's my favorite class among all of my graduate school courses.

First, being that Professor Sisco was super awesome to let me work on my personal brand as my term project. (P.S. That's how this blog began!)

Second, I switched my major just to be able to take this course and it was worth it. Even though most of the material was pretty much common sense, I got to see how it works first-hand, because I got to apply it on myself! *evil grin*

This course unveiled the curtains and took me behind the scenes of how businesses work with Social Media.

It's like I was given goggles to look underneath the water surface at a swan swimming. You'll never know how much effort a swan needs to paddle under water to look like it's floating gracefully until you've put your head under and taken a peak.

I gave away 37 cookies in total, and I must say that I had fun making them as well.

Such a perfect way to end my academic career and a sweet way to say goodbye to classmates that I don't know when I'll meet again.

 But at least, we'll keep in touch through Social Media!


  1. you are so professional,I am happy to see these beautiful cakes.congrats for your graduation.--superman

    1. I have to thank you Superman! because if you don't push me to create a facebook page, all this will not happen! I'm so grateful! :)