Friday, August 9, 2013

Oreos should always be chocolate.

I think Oreos should always be chocolate. I've had a fair share of their berries and cream, mint oreos, and peanut butter oreos - And I'd still prefer the original flavor. 

Have you seen those blondie oreos? I'd rather have a Nilla wafer cookie anytime, anyday!

A while back, Sunny and I were invited to a mini office family fun cook out! 

We headed over to Alison's home up in Massachusetts, and had a nice Saturday gathering with all the kids and babies. 

So, I made it a point to make a simple old fashioned chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting.

Kids love chocolate, right? always, without fail.

It was also Heather's last day with us. She's such a sweet person to work with - and I wish her all the best for her future endeavors in California!

I bought some pocky a while back and decided to put it on the cake too.

And the end result was a 3 layered chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and cookies and cream butter-cream!

Look who came and join us on the table? It's Woody and Spongebob!

            Photo credit: Sunny Tin Chau

Say hi to Sofia, Alison's baby girl. She's in the cutest swimsuit ever!

Doesn't it remind you of a ballerina's tutu?

                                                                                  Photo credit: Sunny Tin Chau

Cake anyone?

Photo credit: Sunny Tin Chau

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  1. That was the yummiest cake ever!!