Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookie Fest: Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been working way too hard lately and my hands noticed it before I even realized I've turned into a cookie manufacturing machine!! But, I'm not going to complain about the number of cookie platter orders this week at the bakery, after all it's the holiday season!

I'm baking cookies at work and I'm baking cookies at home. It's such a repetitive cycle! The only difference is that they're not the same cookies. Thank God! I found myself being someone who actually enjoy the process of baking cookies more than the actual act of devouring it. Of course I nibbled a little here and there, but most of them get packed and sent out to friends.

As I'm making my cookie sampler holiday gift boxes, I wrote down a list of what types of cookies are going into those boxes. It's obvious that a good chocolate chip cookie is always a staple in all cookie platter or sampler box. So I made them my way, crisp with a some crunch to them.

I used to like my chocolate chip cookie chewy with lots of oatmeal in them, but my favorite childhood cookie company (Famous Amos) made them bite size and crunchy, so I've decided to make mine crunchy too and save the oatmeal to make some oatmeal pecan cookie.

I'm also putting together a cookie platter! I bought a plastic holiday design plate at the local supermarket for $2.50 and arranged my 4 varieties of cookies (clockwise: Chocolate chip, Chocolate chip walnuts, Oatmeal pecan, and in the center - coffee cinnamon snickerdoodles)

Wrap it in some cellophane, tie it up with some festive ribbon, attach the greeting card, and it's ready to go! :)

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