Friday, December 27, 2013

Cookies boxes for friends. Sorry Santa!

So this was the cookie box packaging I ended up with after looking at all the packaging pictures on Pinterest. I made 4 types of cookies, and green tea macarons, bought some candies, to fill the 4 tiny squares of the box. 

I made some green tea macarons, double chocolate walnut cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal pecan cookies, and coffee cinnamon snicker doodles! Hooray!

Initially, I had planned to make some red macaroons to give this box a Christmasy red and green color scheme, but the world isn't always perfect, and I always end up with a different end product than what I had in mind.

Unfortunately, I am almost always guilty of making detours from my original plan. *Sigh*

Good thing they fit perfectly! 2 of each cookies in a red and white polka dot cupcake liners, with the Lindt Christmas chocolate bear snuggly seated on 2 mini candy canes covered with cookies and cream Hershey kisses.

I sent a few boxes to close friends who've moved away after graduation, with hopes that it will brighten up their holidays! This was my first shipment of baked goods and I'm happy that they hold up pretty good during travel. 

Here's some photos I recieved from Reagan, Prisilla, and Sandy+AJ

(Like how my sister always say) To the rest of my friends, "Happy Christmas and Merry New Year 2014!"

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