Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty..

Hello there! It's been a while since my last post here and I'm super excited to finally find some time to share about this cake. So last week (or maybe almost 2 weeks) I made a cake for my aunt's little daughter. She's 5, she loves princesses, and she wants a Princess Aurora cake.

I wouldn't say it's a complicated cake so I took up the order and I made a round strawberry cake topped with a Princess Aurora doll cake! It's my first time (in such a long time) baking in my Jakarta home kitchen so it was pretty awesome working alone in such a huge space.

I bought a Disney Princess Doll for the cake which made her look more familiar rather than using a normal Barbie doll because they all tend to look the same. Her facial feature, and tiara, and her iconic long curly blond hair completes her signature look which we remember from Disney Classic.

Anyway, I started decorating after dinner (not a good idea) and end up finishing around 2am. It would've been really boring without my sister and this little fluff, Coco! She was so chill and just sat in the corner patiently waiting. 

You can follow her on Instagram, @MissHoneydeCoco. We all call her Coco. ^^

And here is a picture of the final product! I can't imagine the little girl's face when she saw this cake. My aunt said that she was super happy that she played her "princess" role throughout the celebration in school... and that's my goal, to spread a sense of happiness and blessing through the things that I do. Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

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