Friday, September 5, 2014

Flavorful Fridays

So many things have been happening in such a short period of time these few weeks, but I can finally see the light at the end of tunnel. Here's what's up...

1. Have you met this little miss fluffy? She's Coco and I recently created an Instagram account for her. It's @misshoneydecoco and you can browse #honeydecoco to see more pictures of coco since she was 3 months old. She can be quite a bossy little princess sometimes, but nonetheless she's great to have around when I'm watching TV or baking at night.

Coco is going to attend her first public appearance this Sunday! She'll be attending a corgi gathering/party hosted by her breeder, Zephyr Kennel! This will be her first social get together with other Pembroke Welsh Corgis and I can't wait to see her make some new friends!

2. My shipment (boxes and furniture) have finally arrived from Providence, Rhode Island! And I'm super exited to see my red couch again after almost 3 months! I've started to unpack my boxes... so many... 10 of them in total... I've gone through 5 of them, so 5 more to go!

3. I've been feeding local mosquitoes since  I came back to Jakarta, and it's rather frustrating that I got bitten 3 times in less than an hour. (7 bites on me now and I look feel like the itch is going to take over my self control and tempt me into scratching full force!) I'm carrying a tube of insect bite cream in my bag everywhere I go now, and I don't think it's gonna go back to the medicine cabinet any time soon. Any tips on how to avoid bites?

4. By the way, It's Friday~ so TGIF! Lots of food places to visit and cross off my list! Yummy adventure awaits!

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