Friday, October 3, 2014

Eat Art Loud: Jakarta Bazaar!

It's pretty cool how there's pop up events here and there in Jakarta. I don't know if it's a regular thing or not but I'd say let's just keep them coming. 

Eat Art Loud by I Love Bazaar Jakarta is the 2nd food bazaar event I visited in the last month or so, and this time round, I went with my little foodie cousin - just because he understands how important it is to taste every single thing that looks good.

Well, not every single thing, but we went through most of it, and here's the top 5 that made it on my list... There were others worth mentioning, but these 5 caught my tummy's attention the most.

Let's cut the chase, here's the ramen burger from Geram. I got nostalgic when I saw this because it reminded me of the one I had at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg last Summer... But this one from Geram was perfectly seasoned and it tasted twice as good. Awesome job right there! :)

Ichitori is by far the best thing just because it's fried chicken and you get to choose your sauce. We especially loved it with honey mustard and tonkatsu sauce... 

Deep down, I think they should make curry sauce!!! Strange? Maybe it's just me but I can totally imagine myself dipping these into the curry sauce from Singapore's McD...

We went all green with MAMAGO! This is half Pandan with Nutella and half Green Tea with Cheese! The Nutella makes it messy to eat since we're tearing them piece by piece but you can always take a big bite instead...

And if you're thinking that green tea with cheese sounds weird, it's really not! The cheese actually gave me something to contrast the green tea with... and yes... THE GREEN TEA WAS SUPER STRONG! And it came through like a punch in my face.


We bought this little cup of french fries with bbq seasoning from Potato Land because we used to ice skate in Mall Taman Anggrek back in the days and this was our to-go snack in between breaks. I don't ice skate there anymore, but maybe my little cousin still does? I don't know.

However the case, it's another nostalgic purchase for me.

The first time I had watermelon and mint juice was at Food For Thought in Singapore, and since that day, I still couldn't erase that taste from my memory... so of course I was super super super super happy when I found out that Euphoric Juice makes this magic red juice!! I think I kinda squealed in my head for a moment...

Super thumbs up! I came back to buy another bottle to take home after I finished my first bottle!

We also bought a cookies & cream pudding from Milky Way, bubble tea from The Lab, panna cotta, Coconut ice cream from Ke La Si, marie regal, and milo eclairs...

Went home with a happy tummy and hope there's more pop ups / food bazaars coming up soon!

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  1. This is a gorgeous place, and I won't soon forget it. Attended an event at venues in DC here sponsored by the company. The reception hour was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.